Aid of the Woses
Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: If Drúadan Statue is used then smoke appears and a small statue representing a Druadan banner carrier will appear once it clears. If Assault of the Drúedain is used then smoke will appear around the statue, and when it clears a dozen Drúedain will appear and attack nearby enemies.
Gameplay Effect: Two possible gameplay effects:
  • Drúadan Statue: Builds a Púkel-men statue of the Drúedain that reveals the surrounding area in a wide radius and detects cloaked enemies. Drúedain may be summoned at any statue to defend it. The more statues are on the battlefield, the faster the Druedain ambush recharges.
  • Assault of the Drúedain: Ghân-buri-Ghân and two hordes of Drúedain archers appear to defend the selected Drúedain statue and automatically attack enemies in range.
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