Ruud10Devil or RuudDevil is one of the YouTubers who produces great amounts of Edain content. He is a master of all that is derp and fun. He creates fun content for all those who wish to watch him. He does also stream various games on his Twitch account. He is known for being teamed on by AI in FFA games, betraying people, breaking the Deeping Wall  and spamming towers.

RuudDevil also has a mod made after him where he features as a hero. More about this here. RuudDevil's Nintendo user name is "SaucyRossy".

Known Habits

RuudDevil has quite a few known attributes which are unique to him, they are things that have happened quite a few times and will end up being attributed to him. They are as follows:

  • Tower Defense: RuudDevil loves turtling in games and the best way to do this is to build as many towers as possible, creating wall upon wall of upgraded tower that become his pride... until someone shows up with an Iron Hills Catapult
  • Betrayal: In FFAs (Free For All) RuudDevil will often strike temporary alliances with other users in order to overpower a strong foe, it is well know that the second that user is deep within the enemy base he will send a horde of Demolishers at his base and defeat both user in one swift strike. Somehow people still trust him, go figure...
  • Getting Double Teamed by the AI: It is believed that the Edain Team has inserted a specific AI statement that if the name of the player includes RuudDevil in any form (Ruud, Devil, RuudDevil, ect...) then the AI will temporarily ally in order to take down that user. While none have ever been able to find the line, how else can you explain that fact that AI always seem to focus on RuudDevil when he battles against them?
  • Dwarven Fan: To call RuudDevil a Dwarven Fan would be like saying Sauron kinda wanted to conquer Middle Earth. RuudDevil is known for hyping dwarves as though they were the only faction ever released. During the Road to the Dwarven Edain Patch he created the hashtag #DwarvenEuphoria2K16 and tagged all his videos.
  • Breaking the Deeping Wall: RuudDevil has bad experiences with defending the fortress of Helm's Deep and specifically with defending the Deeping Wall. The Wall has been destroyed multiple times, many of which have been his own fault (for example, having upgraded onagers automatically target mines , or ordering his own upgraded archers to fire at mines). This has happened so much that many people feel a sense of dread when they see Helm's Deep on his YouTube thumbnails.
  • In-Jokes: Constantly making jokes and references to certain characters and locations from LOTR and the BFME games. These include a strange love of labourers , the Orc of Mount Derp, the Knights of Jondor, Rossgilliath and, most importantly, the Lord of the Double Chin himself.

Edain Content

RuudDevil's most viewed video. RuudDevil has hosted the FBAPEC tournament which was a 2 VS 2 Edain Tournament. It was a total of 7 games which ended in the victory of team HereForBeer composed of a player called Durin and a player called EreinonF. You can see the playlist here. He co-hosted the tournament with Macklenot.

He also does many 1 VS 1 battles against other user, with varying effects, sometimes winning sometimes losing. He also plays against the AI in different scenarios and often does this with certain challenges like the Hero Defence. He also plays custom maps but perhaps he is most famous for his few Edain VS in which he pits different unit/heroes from the Mod in the most random unbalanced way.

Known Affiliates

Macklenot - An anime-watching Canadian with a glorious mustache. He has taken part in many of RuudDevil's videos (although not a lot of Edain videos) and hosts the many BFME tournaments that the two of them organize. He is most well-known for taking part in the BFME VS videos.

Samwise Jenkins - occasionally takes part in RuudDevil's videos. Although he appears in the Edain videos, he is mainly known for winning the Nan Barad cup which was BFME 2 1.09. He is one of the only people who can beat RuudDevil in terms of dwarven obsession.

VectorMaximus - often takes part in RuudDevil's videos, either as a partner against the AI or an enemy to betray. He is often associated with the Noldor. He is also associated with displaying large amounts of salt after matches don't go his way.

Calsash - VectorMaximus' Jester sidekick. Has been in a couple of RuudDevil's videos but is mainly in Vector's own videos. Calsash and Vector have also both taken part in the FBAPEC Edain tournament as the Sunbros.

Flynn Noble - RuudDevil's main map maker. He supplies maps directly to RuudDevil leaving his viewers begging for a download link in the comments.

WitchKing - RuudDevil's main rival in 1v1 games. He is known for his patriotism to Serbia and his obsession with finding the One Ring.

PinkUnicorn -

Gotyam - BFME's very own tech support. If you ever need help check out his discord group or give him a poke. Other habits including tormenting RuuDevil with riddles which merely hint at the easteregg and keeping honest people awake in the middle of night with his riddles (sarcasm).

Most Viewed Edain Videos

BFME2- Edain Mod - The Battle for Helm's Deep!

BFME2- Edain Mod - The Battle for Helm's Deep!

RuudDevil's most viewed video

This is RuudDevil's most viewed Edain Video and also his Most Viewed Video on his entire channel. In this video, RuudDevil plays a Helm's Deep Custom which pits two players against hordes of enemy Uruks in Edain 3.8.1. The map name was Helm's Klamm Horror which means Helm's Deep Horror. This map is particularly challenging because of just how many troops unleash on the battlefield.


Greeting: "And Hello everybody, I'm RuudDevil."

"Ross is the kind of that once he find out his girlfriend is pregnant, just says "We've expanded the cave!"

[High Pitched] "What?!"

"Oh My God! Mac Pollet!"

"Embrace the Glory of the Double Chin !"

"The Age of Vanilla is over. The Time of Edain has come."

"Wights can't cap [capture] things... they don't have fingertips apparently"

"Grimbold take your company right... and fear no dankness!"

"This channel is sort of founded on the belief that the Dwarves are the greatest faction in Middle-Earth, they're just so beautiful, I love how no matter who it is in the Dwarven Kingdom, they'll all be able to equally pick up an axe... and rip your f*cking spine out."

"RuudDevil's Brain: That's a guy made of stone Ross. RuudDevil: I can see that, Brain. What do we do now? RuudDevil's Brain: I'm thinking, I'm still thinking!"

"Something, something Athel Loren!"

Parting: "Well razzle dazzle, that's the end of the video. Thank you so very much for watching."

"RuudDevil: GET DENETHOR! Necro:I can't see him! RuudDevil: HE'S THE ONE IN THE POWDERED WIG!"

"Try rebuilding it now, sassquatch."