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"Send out your warg riders."

Sharku was a Warg Rider Leader from Isengard. He led the charge of the Wargs upon the people of Rohan and fought Aragorn, who caused him to be fatally wounded after he was thrown from his Warg.


Sharku blood hunt ability.png Level 1: Blood Hunt - Sharku starts a wild hunt. For 45 seconds surrounding wargs can howl without the ability having to reload after being used and additionally gain +100% experience for the duration.

Sharku man eater ability.png Level 3: Man Eater - Sharku's warg devours the selected enemy unit. The kill drives it into a frenzy, and Sharku regenerates 50% of his health and deals 30% more damage for a short time.

Sharku blood scent ability.png Level 5: Scent of Blood - The wolves of Isengard get wind of the wounds of their enemies. If Sharku and warg riders are in a battle with the selected hostile battalion, they get +50% armor. Effect on the chosen units lasts 30 seconds. May only be used on wounded enemies.

Sharku last words ability.png Level 7: Last Words - Can only be used when Sharku's health bar reaches the red zone. Sharku demoralizes enemy heroes with his last words. Enemy heroes in a great radius have their attacks, actions and spells interrupted. They also suffer 50% less armor for 30 seconds.

Sharku untamable ability.png Level 10: The Untamable - Sharku unleashes a horribly disfigured indomitable Warg to the battlefield. The Indomitable Warg cannot be controlled by anyone and will plunge itself towards any creatures it encounters.


No Upgrades.png
This hero has no upgrades. This means that this hero can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the format of other pages.


Sharku fills a unique role in Isengard as an apex raider. On top of his great speed on his warg, he also boasts a tremendous damage output, allowing him to slay enemy troops with ease. Combined with two or three warg rides, Sharku is perfect for harassing the enemy, whether it's by tearing down unguarded settlements, or slaughtering small groups of light infantry. Sharku and his fellow riders can rush in, rip everything apart, and flee before help can arrive, all to devastating effect. He loses health quickly to spears, but even when he's almost dead, Sharku can be dangerous. He can heal himself by devouring enemy soldiers, demoralize enemy heroes, and at level ten, summon a monstrous alpha warg that will run amok even when Sharku falls in battle.