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The Slaughterhouse provides resources to feed the endless hordes of Mordor. They can also reduce the cost of Mountain Trolls, Drummer Trolls, and Werewolves when two or more are built.

Level Up

Worker Tools Evil.png Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 2. At rank 2, economy buildings produce 25% more resources and gain 500 additional hit points.

Forged Worker Tools Evil.png Forged Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 3. At rank 3, internal economy buildings produce 20% more resources and gain 1000 additional hit points.
'The upgrades can be researched by casting Sauron's Influence of Sauron'
Note: Mordor does not research economy upgrades, instead it relies on Sauron's level 3 ability Influence of Sauron. When cast upon an economy structure it will level up all economy structures of that type (internal or external). In order for economy structures to reach level 3, Influence of Sauron must be cast on both of the structures of that type. E.g: For the Tribute Camp to reach level 3, Influence of Sauron must be cast both on the Tribute Camp and on the Arsenal as they are both internal economy buildings.

Influence of sauron.png Influence of Sauron - Sauron fills a building of Mordor (excluding Tol-In-Gaurhoth and the citadel) with his will, unlocking specific effects like new units or upgrades. All external resource buildings gain a level


Resource Production - This building produces resources. It produces 28 Resources.png every 12 seconds by default. This number can be modified through upgrades and abilities.

Supply routes.png Supply Routes - As you build more economy structures, their individual production becomes less efficient. Once you reach a certain threshold all economy structures will produce less.

  • 5 economy structures or less: 100% production
  • 10 economy structures: 84% production
  • 15 economy structures: 69% production
  • 20 economy structures: 56% production
  • 30 economy structures: 49% production
  • 37 economy structures or more: 44% production

Improved defensive measures.png Level 3: Man the Defenses - The workers take up arms. For 20 seconds, the building shoots at nearby enemies but doesn't produce resources.

Fresh Meat - The Slaughterhouse provides resources and reduces the cost of monsters (Trolls and Werewolves):

  • 2 Slaughterhouses: 10%
  • 3 Slaughterhouses: 15%
  • 4 Slaughterhouses: 20%
  • 5 Slaughterhouses: 25%
  • 6 or more Slaughterhouses: 30%