Sons of Durin Submod Wallpaper
"Azog the Defiler learned that day that the line of Durin would not be so easily broken. "

We are glad to present you our new project: Sons of Durin. It is a submod for Edain which will bring some series of mission-maps that will focus on the Dwarves of Middle-Earth. Check out the official forum here

The first, Through Fire, will retrace the reconquest of Moria by the Balin's Colony in T.A. 2989 and the second, Through Blood, will focus on the Battle of Dale and the Siege of Erebor in T.A. 3019. Each one will have some new heroes/units with their own graphics designed.

NOTE: This submod seems to have been discontinued.

Lore accuracy

We want to give a very special attention to the lore accuracy within this project. The community of this forum has a ton of Lord of the Rings fans and we really think that their opinion and advice for the story, the designs and the maps graphics would bring a lot in this direction.


As the Misty Mountains faction isn't released yet and will make a huge difference for this project, we will wait for it. However, a lot of aspects of the modding don't necessarily need it. So in the meantime, we will already start with the basic mapping, the scenario writing, and some others aspects of the submod.

That's indeed a lot of work and we will take the time to do it, always seeking quality over quantity ;)

Through Fire

T.A. 2949, the Quest of Erebor succeeded and the Dwarves took back the city. Thorin died in the battle, as well as his sister-sons Kíli and Fíli. This made Dáin the next in line to become King under the Mountain, and King of all of Durin's folk. The town of Dale was rebuilt and its border stretched far to the South and East and the friendship between the Elves of Mirkwood, Men of Dale, and Dwarves of Erebor was close, especially between the Men and Dwarves. For the Dwarves of Erebor now exceeded all their ancestors in the art of masonry and mining, and created many beautiful things in Dale.

Though the riches of Erebor had made the Dwarves prosperous again, a strange darkness rose amongst the people of Erebor, and rumor grew of even greater wealth elsewhere. Chiefly among these grew that Durin’s folk now had the strength and numbers to return Khazad-dûm, which Balin and many others had decided to journey to. Despite King Dáin Ironfoot’s advice against their plan, he gave leave of Balin and his followers to take the expedition. They had hoped to regain the treasures of Moria, and Balin had also hoped to find the Ring of Thrór, which was assumed to have been lost when Thrór entered the East-gate years before.

T.A. 2989, Balin and his followers started their journey to take back Khazad-dûm. The Balin’s Colony got some noteworthy characters: Óin, Ori, Náli, Frár, Lóni and Flói.

The Campaign


Balin and his followers reach and enter the Dimrill Dale. A Battle follows soon after. Many orcs perish and Flói die after slaying an orc chieftain.


The Dwarves takes the East-gate. And First Hall. Afterward Flói is buried under the grass near Kheled-zâram.

First Deep

The Dwarves continue and take control of the first deep, including the first and second hall, with the bridge of khazad-dûm.

The Long Way

The Dwarves get through the second, third, fourth and fifth levels.

  • Here we can add many maps/missions for large-scaled battles.

Seventh Level

After taking the most of the eastern parts of the city, Balin leads his brothers through the seventh level. They take the Twenty-first Hall, where Balin set up hiss et in the Camber of Mazarbul, proclaiming himself Lord of Moria.

Into the Depths

For five years the colony explore, thrive, and also manage to find many old treasures such as Durin's Axe, Durin's helm, mithril, gold, and other treasures.

  • Here we can add many maps/missions for large-scaled battles and also for MERPG.


On 10 November T.A. 2994, Lord Balin went to go look in Kheled-zâram (Mirrormere) and an orc archer fatally shot him from behind a rock. The Dwarves killed the archer, but many more orcs came up the Silverlode river. After a short battle, and with Balin’s body rescued, the surviving Dwarves retreated back into the First Hall and barred the East-gate.

The Assault

The First Hall and The Bridge of Khazad-dûm are captured. A great battle follows for Second Hall. Lóni, Frár and Náli die there.

The Escape

Óin leed a group west, hoping to find and escape through the Doors of Durin. Eventually, he meets the Watcher in the Water who kill him. Of his group only four returned.

The Final Stand

Trapped, the remaining Longbeards with Ori retreat to the Chamber of Mazarbul. They place there Balin’s body in a tomb. Then Ori write the last pages in the Book of Mazarbul before he and the last few remaining Dwarves perish in a final stand.


After receiving no news from the Colony for 25 years, the Dwarves of Erebor became worried about the fate of their kin. As a result, Dáin Ironfoot sent Glóin and his son Gimli to Rivendell to seek news about the colony and advice from Elrond. When Frodo Baggins met Glóin and asked him abut Ori, Balin, and Óin, his face darkened, saying that he did not know. Gimli eventually learned of their fate when he crossed the dwarven realm with the Fellowship of the Ring. He later reported their fate to Thorin Stonehelm.

Units and heroes

The heroes that belong to this campaign are the following:

  • Balin, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Óin, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Ori, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Náli, still need its own design.
  • Frár, still need its own design.
  • Lóni , still need its own design.
  • Flói, still need its own design.

For the units, I think that the ones from the Erebor sub-faction (uptaded in 4.3 soon) are the most suitables.

As I said the goblins, trolls and others evil creatures will comes with the Misty Mountains faction release.

The Watcher in the Water and the Balrog will be also part of this.

Ideas and observations

I have looked for maps on the heavengames website and on this very forum and found one really interesting: Moria 1.2, by Gagolin. Although this map is actually sheduled for Edain 3.8, it is in fact relating the same events this submod is trying to do.

So, there are few things I want to make different compared to this map. First, each mission I mentioned before will have its own map. Doing so, there will be a huge amount of place to use. It will allow a great respect the lore as well as offering big battlefields.

Through Blood

T.A. 3017, messengers from Mordor come to speak to Dáin and to Brand. The Dale’s King is afraid, for what appeared to be gathering on his eastern borders. However, the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and the Men of Dale refuse to acknowledge the overlordship and alliance of Sauron. T.A. 3019, Sauron send a large contingent of Easterlings to attack Dale.


The Battle of Dale

The Easterlings cross the River Carnen and start besiege the city of Dale, defended by the combined forces of the Men of Dale under King Brand and the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain under King Dáin. After three days of heavy close-quarters fighting, they are forced to retreat towards the Lonely Mountain.

The Gate of Erebor

The armies retreat to Erebor and fight bravely before the Gate of Erebor, which is not taken. In the end, Dáin is killed as he stand defending the body of his ally Brand.

The Siege of Erebor

The Esterlings start besieging the city of Erebor. The defenders of the Mountain give everything to withstand the siege.

Khazâd ai-mênu

On 25 March, the forces of Gondor and Rohan defeated the main power of Sauron, causing the northern army to lose hope. Seeing the morale of their foes being sapped by news of victory in the south, the Army of Dale under the new Kings - Bard II and Thorin III Stonehelm - managed to lift the siege on 27 March and drove the Easterlings out of Dale.

Units and heroes

The heroes that belong to this campaign are the following:

  • King Dáin, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • King Brand, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Thorin III Stonehelm, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Bard II, still need its own design.
  • Some Easterling Commanders, still need their own design.

For the units of the good side, I think that the dwarves and Men of Dale from the Erebor sub-faction (uptaded in 4.3 soon) are the most suitables. For the units of the bad side:

  • Rhun Swordmen, already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Rhun Spearmen, still need their own design.
  • Rhun Bowmen, still need their own design.
  • Black Easterlings (elite), already designed in the Edain mod.
  • Rhun Wainriders, still need their own design.
  • Rhun Battering-Ram, still need its own design.

Ideas and observations

I have looked for maps on the heavengames website and on this very forum and found one really interesting: Erebor 1.0, by Gagolin. This map make an incredible good cover of the city of Erebor and present a nice part of Dale. However, even if the city of Erebor is wonderful, the play-ability would not fit to the purpose of the campaign.