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"You have destroyed the Council of the Thirteen. Now, you will complete it yourself, becoming a Sorcerer of the Witch-king. Faithfull to the Iron Crown until your death."
The Shadow of Angmar, The Council of the Sorcerers (Angmar-RPG)

The Sorcerers of Angmar are magicians who have been taught witchcraft by the Witch-King. They are support units, and can specialize in specific skills to fit a certain strategy. They cannot attack directly but instead are used to power up nearby troops and debuff enemy troops. The Sorcerer uses the life of his acolytes to power his spells and must wait for them to regenerate; however, they regenerate faster than other battalions. The Sorcerers are recruited from the Temple of Twilight; this is also where their specialization upgrades can be bought.


Black ice.png Black Ice - Unit Cost 3. The target area is covered in black ice for 20 seconds. Enemy units lose 40% speed. Left click on icon than left click on target area.

Fell strength.png Fell Strength - Unit Cost 3. Drain enemy units of their strength, causing them to deal -30% damage for 30 seconds; allied units deal +30% damage. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Soul freeze.png Soul Freeze Specialization: Soul Freeze - Unit Cost 3. Affected units are frozen and cannot move, attack or receive upgrades for 5 seconds. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Well of souls.png Well of Souls Specialization: Well of Souls - Unit Cost 4. Targeted enemy units lose health and nearby friendly units gain health. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Corpse rain.png Corpse Rain Specialization: Corpse Rain - Unit Cost 5. Enemy units in target area receive magic damage from several deadly corpses falling one by one from the sky. Left click on icon then left click on target area.


The Sorcerers of Angmar can specialize in only one of the following upgrades, but if an outpost has upgraded with the Tower of Sorcery, specializing in any spell will result in all of them being unlocked:

Soul freeze.png Soul Freeze: Allows Sorcerers to specialize in the Soul Freeze power. This makes units in the radius immobile but invulnerable for a short time. Cost: 100
Well of souls.png Well of Souls: Allows Sorcerers to specialize in the Well of Souls power. This sucks life force from the target to heal units around the sorcerer. Cost: 300
Corpse rain.png Corpse Rain: Allows Sorcerers to specialize in the Corpse Rain power. This calls down a barrage of corpses on the target area. Cost: 500


The sorcerers of Angmar are the magical part of the evil faction's culture of different forces, and embody the aspect of sacrifice in the faction's strategy. The sorcerer himself has the most hitpoints and constantly regenerates a number of acolytes, who can be sacrificed to produce a variety of effects. The more acolytes that are sacrificed, the more powerful the spell becomes. But in common, all of the powers that the sorcerers have are meant to empower friendly units and weaken enemy units. Sorcerers do not have normal attacks of their own.

Using Sorcerers is a tricky task that requires a lot of micro-management, but the effects they have on the battlefield are more than rewarding. They serve as unit interferers, and to a lesser extent, mass slayers with the well of souls and corpse rain spells. It is imperative that they are set behind a group of normal soldiers however, as they cannot defend themselves from enemy soldiers, and are especially weak to cavalry.