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Tauriel is the captain of the Elven guard of Thranduil's Woodland Realm. She is summonable for a short time on all maps except the Mirkwood map (6 player), where she can be recruited permanently from the Mirkwood Outpost.

The player can summon Tauriel using her spellbook power near any allied structure.

Mirkwood Map

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Tauriel can be recruited permanently only on the Mirkwood map (6 players). The team decided this because Mirkwood is Tauriel's homeland and it belongs to her, so she should be recruitable permanently there. She also has a full set of abilities. On that map, Tauriel's spell is replaced by Mirkwood Scouts, which summons a permanent Observation Post. This structure is permanently cloaked except on direct contact and provides vision but cannot attack.