The Temple of Twilight is where the dark arts of Angmar are practiced and perfected, producing capable but weak Sorcerers and their enthralled acolytes who must give up their lives at a moment's notice for their master's deadly magic. In their temple, you can unlock upgrades to help them achieve their full potential. Gulzár may also be recruited here.

Level Up

Tribute to the iron crown Tribute to the Iron Crown - This building can be upgraded by collecting tribute from the Witch-King's vassals. Orc Camps, Hillmen Villages, Barrows, and Outposts regularly spawn tribute carts that can be sent into this building to upgrade it and generate resources. Note: more than one tribute cart is needed to go from level 2 to level 3. For each level gained, this structure gains +1500 HP.


The following specializations will become automatically available to Sorcerers when the Temple of Twilight levels up. Alternately, building a Tower of Sorcery at the Angmar Outpost citadel will unlock all specializations regardless of level.

Soul freeze Soul Freeze: Allows Sorcerers to specialize in the Soul Freeze power. This makes units in the radius immobile but invulnerable for a short time. Cost: 100

  • Requires level 1

Well of souls Well of Souls: Allows Sorcerers to specialize in the Well of Souls power. This sucks life force from the target to heal units around the sorcerer. Cost: 300

  • Requires level 2

Corpse rain Corpse Rain: Allows Sorcerers to specialize in the Corpse Rain power. This calls down a barrage of corpses on the target area. Cost: 500

  • Requires level 3

Unit & Hero Production

This structure produces the following units:

Name Type Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Sorcerers Support 600 120 Depends Y
Name Weapon(s) Role Cost Importance
Gulzár Ranged Magic Versatile 1500 Sorcerer of Angmar



  • When destroyed the blue inscriptions on the spikes of a Level 3 Temple of Twilight will turn green; why that happens is up to anyone's guess...
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