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Theoden is the son of Thengel and King of Rohan. Father of Theodred, uncle of Eowyn and Eomer. He is present in both the Rohan and Gondor where he lends his blade but most importantly his charisma as a unit support hero.


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Recruit Théoden, son of Thengel, King of Rohan. He is the father of Theodred and the uncle of Eowyn and Eomer. Initially, Theoden is under the spell of Saruman, poisoned by the words of Grima Wormtongue. If he is recruited, he won't be able to attack or level up and he will be followed around by Grima. To free Theoden, the player must purchase the Glory of the King in the spellbook. Once freed from the spell, Theoden will wield his blade and be able to level up as normal.


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Theoden also appears in the Gondor faction, ready to help defeat Mordor or whoever attacks Gondor. He can be summoned along with an army of Rohan with Gondor's spellbook power Rohan Answers (10pp) if the player has waited long enough. He can make use of his ability to mount/dismount, his Glorious King leadership (at level 5), and his Glorious Chargeability.