"In a great hall with pillars hewn out of the living stone sat the Elvenking on a chair of carven wood. On his head was a crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn was come again. In the spring he wore a crown of woodland flowers. In his hand he held a carven staff of oak. "
The Hobbit

Recruit the Elvenking of Mirkwood and the father of Legolas. He is the only hero from Lothlórien that can mount (though he doesn't mount a horse). In version 4.2 Thranduil received a new model based on Lee Pace's performance in "The Hobbit" movies. Thranduil's uniqueness in the faction is that he's got a special stance system which gives him different weapons and also different effects in every stance.

His abilities are centered around Mirkwood unit support and defense.

Thranduil Elk

Thranduil in his silver battle armor riding on his elk in The Hobbit


Thranduil staff stance abilityStaff Stance (defensive stance) - Thranduil wields a sword and his staff. Struck enemies are knocked over. Enemies are not attacked automatically.

Thranduil sword stacne abilitySword Stance (normal stance) - Thranduil wields a sword. Thranduil attacks faster. Enemies in medium distance are attacked automatically.

Thranduil dual sword stance abilityDouble Sword Stance (aggressive stance) - Thrandul wields two swords and deals slight area damage. Enemies are attacked when sighted.


Thranduil leadership Level 1: Elvenking of Mirkwood - Thranduil fights to protect Mirkwood, only sending his troops to war when absolutely necessary. Nearby allies passively get + 25% armor and when activated will also get + 25% damage for 30 seconds.

Thranduil arcane shield Level 3: Arcane Shield - Thranduil surrounds himself in a magical barrier which absorbs incoming damage. The shield will be depleted after 10 hits and then automatically regenerated after 60 seconds. (Passive ability)

Thranduil mount abil Level 5: Mount/Dismount - Thranduil mounts/dismounts his mighty elk to ride/go on foot.

Thranduil palace guards Level 7: Shield Wall - Thranduil summons a shield wall of Palace Guards around him who will prevent melee foes from attacking him and trap any foes near him inside the shield wall with him. Thranduil will also gain + 50% armor against ranged attacks. Becomes a Double Shield Wall once Thranduil gets Gifts from Lórien from Galadriel.

Thranduil feasts Level 10: Feasts of Mirkwood - Thranduil gives orders to begin a special festival and creates a Fairground in the target area. It will heal allies in wide radius, produce resources, and give 30 command points, but it will vanish instantly if enemies get near (Only 1 fairground may be on the battlefield at once).


Thranduil can receive only one upgrade:

Galadriels gifts Gifts of Lorien - Thranduil gains his silver battle armor, which gives him +15% armor. He will also summon two rows of Palace Guards instead of one with his Shield Wall ability. This upgrade can be applied to him through Galadriel's ability Gifts of Lorien.


As a tank hero Thranduil can be used to shield allied units or heroes from enemies. He has Mirkwood-centered support abilities: Elvenking of Mirkwood boosts Mirkwood units, and Feasts of Mirkwood heals nearby allies. He shouldn't be sent in battle alone, but needs to be protected by units to survive longer. He also can summon a ring of Palace Guards around him as a protective aspect. As a tank his abilities are centered around self-defense.


"Answer the question. You have nothing to fear."

"I myself, suspect a more prosaic motive."

"Other lands are not my concern."

“There was nothing more he could tell me.”

"I know you're here!"

"There are gems in the mountain that I too desire!"

  • Mounted on Elk
  • Two sword stance.
  • One sword stance.