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The Troll Stone Thrower is the catapult of Angmar, built indirectly through the Dark Iron Forge by Siege Trolls. It is a fairly strong siege engine but has a minimal range, making it vulnerable to melee units. They can also be used against archers.


Halt auto aquire 2.png Halt Auto-Acquire / Auto aquire 2.png Auto-Acquire - Click to enable or disable the catapult's ability to pick its own targets.

Bombard target.png Bombard / Halt bombardment.png Stop Bombardment - Start/Stop bombarding the target area with devastating artillery.


The Stone Thrower can be given upgrade:
Ice munitions.png Ice Shot - Increases the damage that the unit does to buildings and add FROST damage. and disables attacked buildings for a short time. Fortresses, Walls and Expansions are not affected. Cost: 600