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The Troopchamber is a secondary resource and unit production building of the Lothlorien faction. It can be built on one of the build plots that is provided by the central Mirkwood Outpost citadel. This building allows the player to recruit Mirkwood Swordsmen, Mirkwood Archers and Elkriders. The Troopchamber can also become a defensive building after the upgrade Captain of the Watch from the Vault of the King has been purchased; the Troopchamber will then be manned by two archers that shoot at all nearby enemies.

Level Up

Worker Tools Good.png Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 2. At rank 2, economy buildings produce 25% more resources and gain 500 additional hit points.

Forged Worker Tools Good.png Forged Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 3. At rank 3, internal economy buildings produce 20% more resources and gain 1000 additional hit points.
The upgrades can be researched from the Forge


Resource Production - This building produces resources. It produces 28 Resources.png every 12 seconds by default. This number can be modified through upgrades and abilities.

Supply routes.png Supply Routes - As you build more economy structures, their individual production becomes less efficient. Once you reach a certain threshold all economy structures will produce less.

  • 5 economy structures or less: 100% production
  • 10 economy structures: 84% production
  • 15 economy structures: 69% production
  • 20 economy structures: 56% production
  • 30 economy structures: 49% production
  • 37 economy structures or more: 44% production

Troop Discount - The Troopchamber also provides a reduction to the cost of standard units of Mirkwood:

  • 2 Troopchambers: -20%
  • 3 Troopchambers: -30%

Unit Production

Although this building can't produce units, it is the main prerequisite for the player to be able to train non-elite Mirkwood units at the Mirkwood Outpost.

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Mirkwood Swordsmen Swordsmen 200 60 Pikemen Y
Mirkwood Archers Archer 300 90 At Range X
Mirkwood Spearmen Pikemen 300 90 Cavalry and Monsters
Elkriders Ranged Cavalry 600 120 At Range C


Since this building provides a discount to the units of Mirkwood (except Palace Guards), you should have more than one since you will need more units than heroes of Mirkwood. This guide highly depends on how you are going to play and what units you want to use. You can also build several Vaults of the King instead to be able to train cheap Palace Guards.