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Recruit Cáno, herald of the Avari Court. She was sent to the Vinyard Court of Dorwinion to reassure the Empress that the Avari Elves still supported her. She is a mounted hero that attacks with a spear.


Cáno was born two hundred years before the outbreak of the War of the Ring to two elven parents. Unlike many Avari Pureblood Elves she showed a great interest in the Courts of Dorwinion and spent a great deal of her childhood there, when she came of age she entered the military of the Avari Elves and soon showed great skill in wielding a spear and in horseback riding. When the Dorwinion Civil War broke out, she was selected to bring the Avari Council's message of support to the Vinyard Court, along with a contingent of mounted Avari warriors who would ride swiftly to the Empress's aid.


Rank 1 Mount/Dismount: Mount/Dismount a horse

Rank 2 A Herald of Allies: Aura that inspires nearby friendly units with 10% attack damage bonus; upgrades to 20% at level 3; 30% at level 5; 40% at level 7; 50% at level 9

Rank 4 Speed of the Avari: 50% increased movement and attack speed for 30 seconds

Rank 8 Dark Spear: Dashes towards a single enemy unit, dealing immense damage

Rank 10 Ambassadors of the Avari Court- Summons 2 units of Avari Ambassadors, a light elven cavalry unit, permanently but only two can be present on the battlefield at once


Cáno is intended to be used as an early game hero who can assist units in clearing out creep dens, and claiming settlements with her rapid speed as a mounted hero. When she reaches level 8 she gains access to Dark Spear which can be used to rapidly dispatch trolls and drakes, as well as weak enemy heroes. At level 10 she gains the ability to summon to units of Avari Ambassadors which can be used as a rapid hit and run unit.


  • Cano is voiced by Sienna Guillory who portrays Arya in the Eragon movie