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The Cult Enclave is an unit production building that can be constructed in camps and castles. It can also research Bewitched Blades, Bewitched Arrows and Bewitched Walls.


Dorwinion, being a largely peaceful nation for most of its existence, had built up a network of libraries and museums that collected knowledge that dated back to the First Age. When Alatar went rouge however and established the Cult of the Shadow, he knew that such knowledge could prove dangerous and so he seized all of it he could capture and took it to his personal fortress high in the Dorwinion Mountains, the empty museums and libraries were then converted into homes for the Cult of the Shadow and became known as Cult Enclaves, within lay shrines to Melkor.


The Infantry Academy trains Druids at level 1 and Cultists at level 2. It also researches Bewitched Blades and Bewitched Arrows at level 2 and Bewitched Walls at level 3. It acts as a non-garrisonable tower, and can shoot fire arrows if the Battle Tower Fire Arrows upgrade is researched.