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The Cultists are the heroic unit of the Shadow Cult. Like the Druids they can be slaughtered if they are left unguarded, but when protected by the Shadow Cult's vast armies they can devastate the foe with dark powers granted from Sauron. They are recruited in groups of 3 and attack with fire particles.


When the Civil War broke out Beruthiel sought out Alatar and convinced him that victory would would be his if he allowed her command over a small section of the Druids, and did not pry into her order; she feared the Wizard, despite forsaking the Valar, would object to worship of Melkor. The Cultists were the result of this; a small order of corrupted druids who draw their power from Sauron himself and worshiped Morgoth. Due to the limitations of the Dark Lord, only a small number of cultists were ever granted mystical powers.


Shadow Blast: A ‘fireball’ of shadow

Lifedrain (Level 5): Drains the life from the units in the targeted area and heals friendly units around the Cultits

Plague (Level 10): Poisons the enemy in the targeted area and if they die while under the effects of plague, they are turned into a wandering corpse, that attacks all units around it and cannot be controlled