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The Druids are a support unit of the Shadow Cult. Alone they will do nought but die, but when they support armies they act as healers and mages who entangle the enemy troops. They are recruited in groups of five.


The Druids were a mystical order established by Alatar prior to the Civil War. They were a peaceful order who dedicated themselves to healing and nurturing the vinyards. When war broke out they followed their founder into exile, disregarding rumors that he worshiped Morgoth and claiming without their aid the peasants on the side of the Cult of the Shadow would die in hordes, and believing standing against Rhun would result in a loss of life with no benefit. Unlike the Cultists they do not worship Morgoth.


Healing: Heals targeted unit

Entangling Vines: Prevents an unit for moving for 20 seconds

Both abilities can be set to autocast and rely on cooldowns rather than a sacrifice system.



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