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Recruit Sadoc, the Engineer Paladin of the Vinyard Court. He is a hero that focuses on keeping his soldiers alive and improving nearby siege engines. He is clad in the amour of a paladin and wields a spear.


Sadoc was one of the commanders of the Vinyard Guard; prior to the Civil War he had spent almost a decade fighting bandits in the hinterland of Dorwinion and pursuing his hobby of siege engines, while living off the land. When the war broke out both qualities came of use, for his experience inspired soldiers to fight ever harder, and his hobby allowed him to improve siege engines that were granted to him. His skill at living off the land also came in handy, for it allowed him to grant nourishment to his troops even when there was little food packed, for he would teach them to live of the land as he did.


Rank 1 Unfaltering Leadership: Sadoc gives fear resistance to nearby friendly units

Rank 3 Engineer Paladin: Targeted siege engines move 20% faster, and have 20% increased attack and defence for 30 seconds

Rank 5 Improvisation: Sadoc’s abilities replenish faster and nearby friendly units (Including siege engines) are healed over time

Rank 7 Train Units: Targeted units gain experience

Rank 10 Glorious Commander: Sadoc and nearby friendly units (Including siege engines) gain +50% armour, and nearby enemy units armour are weakened


Sadoc is intervened to accompany the main force of your non-mounted troops as he provides several buffs to them, and can also enhance the capabilities of any siege engines that you chose to bring along.


  • Sadoc is voiced by Dennis Quaid with quotes from Bowen in the movie Dragonheart
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