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The villa is an economy building that can be constructed in outposts, camps and castles.


Dorwinion's cities are nestled along its coasts and within its hills and mountains; due to these facts, the people of Dorwinion have built large communal housing named villas, in order to maximise the limited space they posses for cities; as the steepness of the hills makes construction difficult.. A villa consisted of a garden at the back, and within a courtyard; shops alongside the streets and housing above and behind the shops. Finally there is a central atrium for the inhabitants to mingle with when it is too stormy to venture into the gardens.


Generates resources and provides a reduction to the cost of Elite and Heroic up to 30% in this manner:

  • 2 Villas: 10%
  • 3 Villas: 15%
  • 4 Villas: 20%
  • 5 Villas: 25%
  • 6 or more Villas: 30%


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