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The Vinyard Court is an unit production building that can be constructed in camps and castles. It can also research Avari Armour, Vine-Clad Walls and acts as a tower.


When the capital of Dorwinion, Caras Sant, was established the First Empress built a fortress that became known as the Vinyard Court, and from this fortress Dorwinion was managed, and it was the seat of command for the Vinyard Guard. As Dorwinion expanded however there grew a need for additional barracks for the famed Vinyard Guard, and so citadels were built in the image of the Court, albeit slightly more defensible, and these also became known as the Vinyard Court. During the Civil War, these Courts became bases for the Empress elite troops and served as a shelter for diplomats from Dorwinon's allies.


The Vinyard Court trains Vinyard Guard at level 1 and Vinyard Paladins at level 3 (Requires Forged Blades, and both armour upgrades). It also researches Avari Armour and Vine-Clad Walls at level 2. One final note is that it acts as a non-garrisonable tower, and as such when Battle Tower Fire Arrows are researched it shoots fire arrows. The building is akin to a castle from Age of Empires II as it acts as a tower and trains the unique units of the Vinyard Court.


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