VectorMaximus is a massive Lord of the Rings fan, particularly the Noldor Elves. He enjoys Anime, Galactic Civilization, Zelda, Sonic, Final Fantasy, and also produces Europa Universalis 4 timelapses. He is also a youtuber , creating content about the Edain mod for his viewer's entertainment. He holds the official title (or unofficial, it wasn't made clear) of Loremaster of RuudDevil's channel.

Known Habits

  • Fan of Imladris - Vector is a big fan of the last homely house and of the Noldor elves. He often greets the viewers with the elvish welcome "Mae Govannen" and yells out elvish quotes from the movie. Being a fierce fan of the elves, he also opposes all those who worship Sauron (or stand in his way) in the battle for Middle-Earth.
  • Turtling - ​Vector has had a recorded tendency to be very defensive in his play-style, preferring to wipe out his enemies in a single attack, which is probably linked to the fact that his favorite faction is Imladris.
  • Salt - Vector is known to become frustrated rather easily by lack of progress, when he starts to lose, or when he feels something is unbalanced and/or unfairly stacked against him. Once losing badly, he quickly moves to a bemused state of acceptance.
  • War cries - ​Vector has made many war cries over the years all of which are somewhere inbetween confusing, terrible or cringy. The best/worst of these is shown below.

Edain Content

Vector's Edain content in very varied although not as prominent as some of the other youtubers. His content ranges from fun maps like the Edain: Defend the Shire to ultra competitive matches and tournaments such as... nevermind. But a lot of fun multiplayer matches with other people including Serbia's very own Witch-King. Overall, a lot of fun content with a slight favoritism to Imladris.

Known Affiliates

RuudDevil - ​one of the most well-known Edain and BFME youtubers. Both RuudDevil and VectorMaximus take part in each other's videos and often play in difficult skirmish matches or PVP.

Calsash - ​Calsash occasionally takes part in Vector's videos as his partner. He has also very occasionally been in RuudDevil's videos.

Most Viewed Edain Video

Edain Mod 4.4

Edain Mod 4.4.1- Defense of the Shire - Not Dead Yet!

Until recently, Vector Maximus' most viewed Edain video involved him defending a fortress called Eldalonde against RuudDevil and Calsash (link). However, his most popular edain video is now a video of the Edain mission map: Defend the Shire. A sort of tower defense unique to the Edain Mod.


"Focus all fire on that Super Serbian Destroyer!"

"Aw yeaaaaaa"



"This is for Minnesota, ya trickies."

"I am the hairy person."


"Awaken my Harambe!"

"Mae Govannen, mellon in"

"Saltengard (N: Salt-Isengard) has been unleashed!"