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"The Wargs have come west of the Mountains!"
Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Due to changes applied in patch 4.5, Warg Archers are no longer a part of the mod. To see their previous role in Isengard faction click 'expand'.

The Warg Archers are Isengard's ranged cavalry that can only be summoned for a short time with the spellbook power Warg Archers of Isengard (6pp). 


No Abilities.png
This unit has no abilities. This means that apart from the stances, which are present in every unit, it cannot affect the game play apart from his direct attack. This includes both passive and active abilities


No Upgrades.png
This unit has no upgrades. This means that this unit can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the format of other pages.


Warg Archer from the Lord of the Rings movies.