"...and Sauron brought werewolves, fell beasts inhabited by dreadful spirits that he had imprisoned in their bodies."
The Silmarillion: Chapter 19: Of Beren and Lúthien

Werewolves were Morgoth's servants, bred from wolves and inhabited by terrible spirits (minor Maiar or the fëar [souls] of orcs) trapped in these wolf forms by Sauron. Unlike werewolves in other literature, the werewolves of Middle-earth do not change from man to wolf at night and their behavior is not influenced by full moon or other lunar cycles.

Werewolves are elite monsters that Angmar can train at the Kennel. They excel versus normal units (except pikemen and archers) but are weak against heroes.


Devour Devour - The werewolf devours the target infantry to recover 30% of their health. The Werewolf gains + 30% damage and speed of movement for 20 seconds.

(It takes 60 seconds to recharge this ability.)


No Upgrades
This monster has no upgrades. This means that this monster can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.


Werewolves of Angmar start with 5000 HP and at the maximum level (level 5) have 7000 HP. Werewolves are brutally efficient against swordsmen and structures; if you utilize a small group you can make short work of enemy battalions. After having built 6 mills to lower the recruitment cost to 840, training multiple werewolves becomes easier. Due to their vulnerability alone, it is advisable to use them in at least groups of three for best effect. Beware of archer heroes as they can pick off werewolves at distance quickly if not dealt with. Effectiveness increases if you have troops of wolves and Wolf Riders to support them and take some of the damage as meat shields. The ability Devour can be useful to keep a werewolf going when health is low, but you should also be prepared to send them away from battle when health is low because they heal quickly when they are not fighting. It is not advisable to leave them alone to fight against cavalry, but they may surprise if you have two or more Sorcerers upgraded with Well of Souls.

Werewolves have no armor and can't be upgraded, but they are still useful in mid and late game.

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