"He followed the two elves, until they entered a small cellar and sat down at a table on which two large flagons were set. Soon they began to drink and laugh merrily. Luck of an unusual kind was with Bilbo then. It must be potent wine to make a wood-elf drowsy; but this wine, it would seem, was the heady vintage of the great gardens of Dorwinion, not meant for his soldiers or his servants, but for the king's feasts only, and for smaller bowls, not for the butler's great flagons."
The Hobbit

The Wine Cellar is a secondary resource building of the Lothlorien faction. It can be built on one of the build plots that is provided by the Mirkwood Outpost.

Level Up

Worker Tools Good.png Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 2. At rank 2, economy buildings produce 25% more resources and gain 500 additional hit points.

Forged Worker Tools Good.png Forged Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 3. At rank 3, internal economy buildings produce 20% more resources and gain 1000 additional hit points.
The upgrades can be researched from the Forge

The wine cellars of King Thranduil as seen in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.


Resource Production - This building produces resources. It produces 28 Resources.png every 12 seconds by default. This number can be modified through upgrades and abilities.

Supply routes.png Supply Routes - As you build more economy structures, their individual production becomes less efficient. Once you reach a certain threshold all economy structures will produce less.

  • 5 economy structures or less: 100% production
  • 10 economy structures: 84% production
  • 15 economy structures: 69% production
  • 20 economy structures: 56% production
  • 30 economy structures: 49% production
  • 37 economy structures or more: 44% production

Wine from Dorwinion - The Wine Cellar passively heals nearby allied units.

Well ability.png Reinforcements - For a limited time, allied units near the Wine Cellar replenish fallen soldiers.


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