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"But it is said that when all was lost suddenly the Witch-king himself appeared, black-robed and black-masked upon a black horse. Fear fell upon all who beheld him; but he singled out the Captain of Gondor for the fullness of his hatred, and with a terrible cry he rode straight upon him. Eärnur would have withstood him; but his horse could not endure that onset, and it swerved and bore him far away before he could master it.
Then the Witch-king laughed, and none that heard it ever forgot the horror of that cry."
Appendix A, Annals of the Kings and Rulers: "Gondor and the Heirs of Anárion"

The Witch-king usually serves Sauron in the faction of Mordor as the lieutenant of Minas Morgul. However, the faction of Angmar brings him back to times before the War of the Ring to the fall of Arnor. In this time he receives a "spikier" armor along with a full AOE mace (it can also be mistaken for a trident or a morning star), in comparison to his knockback mace in his Mordor version. This mace prevents him from hitting allies but he cannot knockback anymore. Unlike his Mordor version, he gets no fellbeast to ride on. He is also the Ring Hero of Angmar, though he gains no new abilities.


Nazgul mount ability.pngLevel 1: Mount/Dismount - The Witch-king can mount or dismount his black steed to trample his enemies. Left click to activate.

Witch king winter harbringer ability.pngLevel 1: Harbinger of Winter - Despite not revealing himself as one of the Nazguls, the menacing Aura of the Witch-king fills those around him with terror. All enemies nearby will passively lose 20% armor and damage. The active effect of this ability is a small snowstorm which doubles the passive effect for a short time. Activate with the left click. /Passive and Active ability.

Witch king life drinking blade ability.pngLevel 3: Death Blade - The Witch-king begins using his poisoned Death Blade. He will put his flail aside while using this, and enemies struck by the blade will be poisoned and lose 30% attack for a short while. Becomes "Life Drinking Blade" after Level 10. Left click to activate. Starts on a cool-down.

Might of witch king upgrade.png Might of the Witch-King - The might of the Witch-King will be bestowed to a hero gifting them with additional power for 120 seconds.

  • Zaphragor: For a limited time, the area around him will suffer from multiple explosions every few seconds.
  • Mornamarth: For a limited time, Men of Carn Dum in the radius of "Lust for Power" have 30% more armor.
  • Gulzár: For a limited time, Gulzar's spells reload twice as fast
  • Dûrmarth: For a limited time, "Blade of the Enforcer" deals double damage
  • Drauglin: For a limited time, Drauglin is transformed into a wolf beast with more damage and health. However, he must transform back into a human before the timer expires or he will die.
  • Karsh: For a limited time, Karsh is healed by 75% of his dealt damage
  • Hwaldar: For a limited time, Hwaldar gains better stats. Hwaldar gains 100% damage, his abilities deal 100% damage, resists knockback, gains 100% armor, 25% speed, 100% experience.
  • Helegwen: For a limited time, Helegwen's arrows pierce through enemies.

Left click on a hero of Angmar.

Witch king soul disturbance ability.pngLevel 7: Soul Disturbance - The Witch-king tortures the soul of an enemy hero, whereby his special abilities are reset to just used. Short cooldown. Left click on icon then left click on target. 

Witch king life drinking blade ability.pngLevel 10: Life Drinking Blade - This ability replaces Death Blade once the Witch-king reaches level 10. The Witch-king wields his terrible Life Drinking Blade. The blade draws all nearby units and heroes toward the Witch-king with dark magic and heavily poisons any enemy it strikes, reducing their damage by 30%. Left Click to activate.

Ring Mechanics

The Witch-king of Angmar is the ring hero for Angmar. Once he receives the Ring, multiple effects will take action at once. All enemy buildings become covered in ice, training units or producing resources 25% slower, and any units who attack the Witch-king will receive revenge damage. If any enemy comes near an ally building, they will be frozen, allowing heroes such as Zaphragor and the Witch-king himself to quickly come over and kill them.


No Upgrades.png
This hero has no upgrades. This means that this hero can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the format of other pages.


The Witch-king is extremely versatile in reflection of Angmar. He can be used as a Mass Slayer with his deadly AOE effect (although his actual attack damage is quite low). However, his Death Blade/Life Drinking Blade allows him to deal out higher individual damage, as well as weakening any struck heroes. Along with that his Might of the Witch-king allows him to boost his heroes, whether permanently or temporarily. Finally, his Soul Disturbance ability is great to temporarily disable enemy heroes or permanently disable summonable heroes. The Witch-king's ring function may seem quite passive compared to other ring heroes. However, it can still be useful to cripple the enemy, as it will weaken their ability to build (and rebuild) an army or to save up for stronger units and heroes. Overall, the Witch-king should be used to weaken enemy forces by debuffing units, resetting hero timers and turning soldiers to barrow wights. His mass slaying and hero support qualities are secondary. Anyone using the Witch-king should avoid enemy heroes or monsters until his abilities are available to improve his damage. The Witch-king has a lot of health but very little armor, so he must be microed carefully.