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"I will lead our wolf riders into battle!"
Thrall Master

Wolf Riders are spawned by Thrall Masters. They are one of the most expensive Thrall Master-summoned units meant more for the late game. Furthermore, they are one of the only cavalry battalions usable by Angmar other than the Black Knights. They are also the only Thrall Master-summoned unit that costs extra command points to field. Like every other Thrall Master-summoned unit, the death of their Thrall Master means the rest of the battalion dies. For this reason, it is important to keep the Thrall Master alive and out of harm's way as much as possible.

The player would need to buy the Wolf Breeding upgrade from the Kennels before they can upgrade the Thrall Masters into Wolf Riders.


Wilderness rations.png Wilderness Rations: Allows the Wolf Riders to slowly heal when not in combat. (Passive ability)


No Upgrades.png
This unit has no upgrades. This means that this unit can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the format of other pages.


Since Wolf Riders are the only cavalry unit Angmar has that can be mass built, they are your main source of fast units which can trample your enemies. Due to their speed and inherent strengths against swordsmen and especially archers, they can be used for many things, including some late game harassment. If you have a big enough army of them then there are few fights they can't win, especially when teamed up with Dire Wolf Packs which you can use to absorb a lot of the attacks. You still should watch out for Mass Slayers as they can still do major damage against Wolf Riders. You should also watch out for Unit Interferers since, unlike other Thrall Master-summoned units, their battalion size is smaller (and therefore more easily effected by interfering effects). You should also watch out for pikemen since they excel at taking down cavalry, as well as archers as they can focus their fire on the battalion's Thrall Master. However, archers are not nearly as effective at it as they are with the other Thrall Master-summoned units.